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We provide you the easiest way to accept online payments, sell your merch online and provide you with a bunch of other financial products that could make your life more easier

A developer-focused API

Developer experience is the most important thing on our agenda.
We put a lot of effort in designing our system so that all the heavy lifting are done by us not the consumer.

Features & Benefits
Merchant Dashboard

Our merchant dashboard provides you access with different tools to control funds, monitor your sales transactions and your history records.

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Process payments anywhere with paypack payment platform that helps you in mobile payments and monitoring your transactions.

Web Hooks

A webhook can be considered as an API driven by events rather than requests. Unlike typical APIs, where you would need to poll for data very frequently to get it in real-time, a webhook is a service that allows one program to send automated messages or information to other apps as soon as a particular event takes plac

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Paypack marketplace is paypack’s answer to the current e-commerce chaos.
It gives you all the advantages of selling online without the hassle of putting up a new domain and all the marketing that goes into it.

Sell online without getting worried about setting up a new website and domain plus all the marketing that goes into it.

The most exciting of all this is that your online store will automatically be integrated with a payment gateway right after creating it.

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Paypack Bills ease the purchase and subscription of utilities
using electronic payments available in Rwanda.

Pay Electricity

Pay your electricity bills anywhere anytime using Paypack Bills.

Pay Startime Buquet

Renew your StarTimes subscription with Paypack Bills and stay connected to your favorite shows and games.

Buy Airtime

Enjoy up to 2% airtime cashback to your paypack wallet when you buy airtime using Paypack Bills.

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